Is Bottled Water Safe and Green?

Water is the main living source for the human being, hence all living beings fully depend on water as one can live without food but can’t survive without water. It’s a genuine fact revealed by modern and every day science. Apart from the importance of water, the drinking matters a lot in the life of living being, especially human being. Is bottled water safe and green? It is the right of every human to know the facts about water that we drink. Do you know the purity of water that you drink every day? Water bottles are very difficult to recycle, hence many water bottles are wasted by waste management and become the reason for landfills. According to exact estimation, 4 percent of bottles are recycled while the rest of the bottles are wasted and become a total waste. So, we come to know that water bottles are not safe and green. This is the reason people prefer to choose boxed water over bottled water.

The process of recycling is done to promote waste items and it is good for garbage products, as they are converted into fresh products by following the great process of recycling. The recycling industries are working on it and contributing a lot in making environment green and healthy. In this way, a lot of energy is saved by converting waste bottles into effective and new ones. Plastic bottles are beautifully converted into toys for small kids. Hence, it is the process of converting products into usable items when the recycling process is applied by industries. They simply promote cleanliness by making environment green. The water bottles are of great importance in all such scenario, as they are used by many people so their cleaning is crucial to keep the environment healthy. It is very difficult to finish plastic bottles, as they are used for several purposes. This is the reason plastic water bottles are used though they are not fully safe.

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Bottled water is not safe according to facts of science as it contains the number of chemicals used in manufacturing plastic, so one should prefer to buy boxed water packaging to stay safe and healthy. No doubt plastic is cheap and easily available material, but it is not safe from the drinking point of view so one should boycott the water bottles and prefer using water packed in the boxes. Never compromise on health!